Research to help you live a better, happier life

Research to help you live a better, happier life

I’m well aware that enjoying happiness and a good life is easier said than done.

Happiness definitely comes more easily for some, than others, but for many of us it takes work, over and over again, day after day through thick and thin.

But happiness is possible; and it’s easier to achieve if you’re aware of the research, of what the evidence supports what really works. And so today’s post is about sharing some relevant research for living a happier and better life …

  • This great article from Psychology Today reviews the most recent research into what the science really says about happiness and now to live happier … HERE
  • Although one of the evidence-based strategies from the previous article is to be more social, enjoying quality time with and by ourselves can also provide happiness benefits … HERE
  • Coming at this topic from a very different angle, researchers studied the behaviour of kindergarteners and followed them up 19 years later to see what contributed to happiness and life success later in life. Check out their fascinating findings … HERE
  • And amidst all this, it’s hard to ignore that one thing that would boost our happiness is spending less time staring at our screens! Read more about taking a digital break … HERE
  • And finally, if you feel you’ve missed your chance, and left all this too late for happiness, then fear not! David Brooks writes in the Atlantic about late bloomersHERE

Once again, happiness is possible (even if hard at times). I hope you find something in these articles and something you can apply to improve your mood and the quality of your life.