An accidental “good morning”

An accidental “good morning”

The other day, I was sitting outside a cafe, quietly enjoying a coffee as I do sometimes on my morning walk, when a woman came out of the cafe and brightly said “good morning” to the man sitting next to me.

Almost immediately, however, she realised this man was a complete stranger and apologised, saying “oh, sorry, wrong person!”

But he smiled, and then she smiled, and then I smiled, and then we all said good morning to each other! 

This seemingly random and inconsequential event might not really be so inconsequential. 

It put a smile on my face, and the other two people in this story, and brightened the start of my day which almost certainly flowed on through the rest of my day (and maybe their days too).

My point is that tiny acts of kindness and the spreading of joy can have much more than tiny impacts on people’s lives. 

Small matters sometimes, because from little things big things grow. 

So, next time you’re on your walk or enjoying a hot beverage, try saying a random “hello” to someone and see if you, too, can trigger a flow of happiness!