Today is a new day; another opportunity to commit to health and happiness and to set or reset meaningful goals. 

Today I can choose to soldier on and persevere, or change directions and renegotiate where appropriate.

Today I can move my body, care for my wellbeing, eat well and be mindful of taking breaks and relaxing as often as I need.

And today is a day to foster and develop hope, to focus on that which I have, with gratitude, and to envisage a bright and positive future. 

Today is a day to face up to my challenges, with solutions in mind, and a recognition that problems often pass and don’t have to be handled alone.

Today is a day where I can reach and ask for help, offer help, connect and reconnect with my happiness and the happiness of my loved ones in mind. 

Today is a day to use all that’s good in me, to maximise the application of my strengths.

And today is a day to look for and take advantage of any and all opportunities to have fun and to play, to laugh and to smile.

Today, if used well, is a day for health and wellbeing and happiness, if not experiencing joy in every moment, then as often as is possible. 

What will you do today?