In praise of those ordinary moments …

In praise of those ordinary moments …

When they think about happiness and living a good life, most people think of the big things, those firework moments of joy and ecstasy!

All of which is fine; celebrations and wins, gloriously wonderful and exciting experiences are fantastic and deserve our attention and memory.

But by definition, they’re relatively infrequent.

Far more frequent are the mundane moments, the moments of ordinariness, but within which we can, if we look at them in certain ways, find a different type of happiness (and a type of happiness that in it’s own way is truly valuable).

This post, then, is an ode to those moments. To the moments when …

  • a quiet cup of tea or coffee, on your own, is just the right medicine
  • a coffee catch up with a friend reminds you how great it is to be connected 
  • you’re walking down the corridor at work and you pause, briefly, to chat with a colleague, learning that they’re really quite a wonderful and helpful person
  • you get home after work, to a warm and safe place, that’s just how you like things to be
  • you complete a task, a boring task but a necessary one, and feel that sense of accomplishment after having put it off for longer than you needed to 

And so it goes.

Each and every day has a myriad of moments like these, moments that often pass unnoticed but if which attended to, and savoured, could well provide much more happiness in your day and life than you’d ever really imagined!