Some thoughts on life …

Some thoughts on life …

… at least, some thoughts on my life (and maybe yours too).

Life can be full of wonderful joy; life can be very hard. 

Life is full of happiness; life can be sad.

There is much in life deserving of excitement and hope; there is much about life that warrants fear and anxiety.

Life is where beautiful people live; but there’s no denying there are also some who’re unkind and uncaring. 

Life is health; life is sickness. Life is good; life is bad.

Life goes on, no matter what, and throughout it all we have a choice … in fact, we have many choices each and every minute of each and every day.

On what do we want to focus in this weird and wonderful life? 

With whom do we want to spend our time in this sometimes lonely, sometimes crowded, often supportive life?

To what and to whom will we choose to give our attention, will we love and let love, will we connect with and prioritise?

Consider these questions carefully, for your answers will determine your happiness.