Happiness news – a few articles to boost your mood!

Happiness news – a few articles to boost your mood!

It’s Friday here in Sydney which more often than not, means it’s time to share some articles and research focusing on topics related to happiness, mental health, resilience and … living a good life.

So, with no further adieu, let’s go …

  • From Psychology Today comes a good one titled “3 Simple Ways to Make Every Day Extraordinary” which you can read in full … HERE
  • And another interesting one from Psychology Today that asks “Is our modern definition of happiness all wrong?” and poses a few different and interesting ways to boost our happiness … HERE
  • Continuing on the theme of something different, this time via the Next Big Idea Club, comes an article titled “Counterintuitive Secrets for Learning How to Live a Happy Life” which is well worth reading … HERE
  • On a slightly different note, but one always worth remembering, is “4 Hard Habits That Make Life More Fun” which you can have some joy reading … HERE
  • And finally, for today, a very thought provoking article via Inc.com titled “With 1 Question, You Can Become More Successful at Anything, Says World’s Leading Neuroscientist”. Intrigued? Read more … HERE

There are some really useful tips and thought provoking questions in these articles so I hope you can find some time to read them, consider their advice, and put them into practice in your life which then, I very much hope, will bring you more joy and happiness.

Until next time … Dr Tim