How I write books and what you can learn from my process

How I write books and what you can learn from my process

On July 2 (2024) my new book will be available! For those who’re not aware, this is the culmination of about 12-18 months work! 

In fact, it’s probably longer than that because the idea was brewing in my mind for several years, then it took us several months to pitch it to a publisher, a few more months to refine the idea and the content, and then 3-6 months to actually write the first draft.

But that’s not the end of the story, because then it took another few months of editing, a few more months of page and cover design etcetera, and then the marketing and PR began.

I’m not even sure if the numbers all add up but regardless, it’s pretty exciting that in just a few weeks “Lost & Found: how to wander your way to a better life” will be for sale in bookstores and on websites and even available in audio form on Audible. 

(You can pre-order from Dymocks HERE or from Booktopia HERE or Audible HERE).

But that’s not what this post is really about. It’s a response to a question I’m often asked, given this is my 7th book and 11th audiobook which goes something like … how do you write so many words (a typical non-fiction book like mine will have approximately 75-80,000 words)???

And the answer is really quite simple … one at a time! 

Quite literally, when I’m in writing mode, I set myself a goal of writing just one sentence each day. Now, more often than not, I write much more than that, but setting a realistic goal makes me feel it’s achievable, EVERY DAY, and achieving a goal is motivating so typically, I feel inspired and energised after I’ve completed that sentence and begin to flow onto more words, sentences and paragraphs.

And this is where I think it can help you, regardless of whether you want to write a book or not (you probably don’t!).

Set yourself small and achievable goals, ones that are meaningful for you, each and every day and let the sense of achievement and satisfaction motivate you to do more! 

Too many people underestimate the benefit of and potential power that can come from little things, from small steps; but from these more more steps and more achievements and as a result … more happiness and success!