Making the most of the good times

Making the most of the good times

It’s often said that you learn more from failure than success. While I believe you can learn a lot from difficult and dark days, there’s no doubt the same can be said for the good times.

Positive emotions such as happiness can teach us a lot about what we’re doing well and what we can continue to do, or not do, depending on how you look at things.

So, next time you’re feeling really good, next time you have a great meeting or interaction, a moment of joy or a whole day filled with happiness, ask yourself the following questions and/or reflect upon the following prompts:

  • What’s going well … and why? 
  • How did I bring about this success and happiness?
  • Take a minute just to be mindful or all that’s good
  • Take a few minutes to savour, to really pay attention to the positive experience along with the feelings and related actions, reactions, thoughts, sounds, sights, smells and more 
  • Where was I when these good things occurred?
  • And who was I with?
  • What strengths or attributes was I using before, during and after this positivity? 
  • What could I do more (and less) of to ensure I experience this happiness more often and more intensely?

Happiness can teach us just as much as unhappiness; don’t undervalue it as an experience and as a teacher!