Questions to ask yourself for happiness

Questions to ask yourself for happiness

Those of us wanting to create and/or enjoy more happiness often look for answers. Which isn’t an unreasonable approach to take.

But sometimes, there aren’t really any answers, especially to life’s most complex challenges, but asking the right questions can still prove useful.

With that in mind, here are some questions I encourage you to ask, without any real expectation you’ll be able to answer all of them, at least not completely … 

  • achieving what would bring you the most satisfaction?
  • are you on track to achieve that which you want to achieve?
  • if you’re not on tract, are you open to learning from your wanderings? 
  • are you doing what it takes to ensure you have the energy you need to live how you want to live?
  • what’s going well in your life? 
  • what are you most excited about and/or looking forward to?
  • what’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned and how are you applying that now?
  • who’s most important to you and are you prioritising time with them? 
  • where and when and how do you give to others?
  • what are your most positive attributes and how do you utilise them each and every day?
  • do you make time in your life for fun and play? 

Obviously, this list could go on and on but I hope it prompts you to even just begin this search for finding more happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Keep wandering and keep pondering …