Non-therapy therapies

Non-therapy therapies

Yesterday I published a post on my Instagram page (HERE) in which I lauded the benefits of nature therapy. For me, getting outside, going for a bushwalk (or hike) and just spending time in nature is THE BEST cure for my depression and worries and THE BEST boost to my happiness and wellbeing.

And it’s not just me; there’s a plethora of research that supports the benefits of spending time in nature, physical activity, getting outside and just disconnecting from screens. 

At the same time, however, I’m aware that for a number of people this isn’t an option, or it’s not an option they choose or enjoy. Which got me thinking …

… what are the best “non therapy therapies”? I’m a outspoken advocate for traditional therapy, but I also believe there are many other ways we can reduce psychological distress AND / OR enhance psychological wellbeing including happiness. 

To get things started, I can think of the following:

  • as already noted, spending time outside (hiking, camping, walking on the beach etc)
  • exercise (of any form)
  • listening to and dancing to music
  • catching up with friends
  • engaging in arts, crafts, hobbies
  • completing a task that although not necessarily fun or pleasant, will provide satisfaction (e.g. cleaning or tidying up)
  • volunteering or helping others

I could go on but I’d love to hear what you think! So, I’d love for you to post a picture of you and / or you engaging in your favourite non-therapy therapy on Instagram or Facebook and tag @thehappinessinstitute so I can comment or share and help spread the good ideas far and wide. 

Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing what you get up to : )