Would you really want … ???

Would you really want … ???

Would you really want …

  • endless dry without the cleansing and hydration of rain? 
  • constant sun without the relief from clouds?
  • never ending activity, even fun activity, without the respite that can come from rest? 
  • a surplus of success without the perspective of loss?
  • continual ups without the change that comes from downs? 

And would you really want …

  • just joy without some sadness? 
  • too much excitement without the balance of calm?
  • hour after hour of happiness without even just a little bit of uncertainty? 
  • constant comfort without the thrill of the unknown?

I could go on and on but … I think you probably get the message.

Life isn’t and shouldn’t be completely predictable, even when that which is expected is good and positive. The unknown and unpleasant are just as much a part of life as the beautiful and wonderful, which means that we should try harder to accept and embrace all aspects of life, even the unpleasant and unmanageable parts, because without them we can’t have all that’s good and great!