We don’t practice self-care just for ourselves

We don’t practice self-care just for ourselves

Imagine you were having a bad day, not too difficult for some of us to contemplate! And imagine, then, when you were ordering your morning coffee, you take out some of your irritation and frustration, or whatever crap you’re feeling, on the barista.

You might not give it much more thought, but your actions, no matter how minor, could have significant and wide-reaching repercussions. 

Because whether he realises it or not, the barista will very possibly feel some of your distress, and that will very likely impact the way he then interacts with other customers he serves, customers who no doubt then go about their days with some of that residual negative emotion which then affects their interactions and so on and so on …

Too many people see self-care as selfish, or self-indulgent. But self-care isn’t just about OUR happiness and wellbeing. It is, partly about our health and happiness but we should also practice self-care because it’s good for others, for the world more broadly. 

And so, self-care isn’t selfish but rather, it’s caring and generous, it’s compassionate and kind.

So next time you put of your happiness practices because you think you’re being indulgent, your meditation or journalling, or whatever you might do for yourself and your mental health, think about doing it not just for yourself but for all others.

My happiness depends on your happiness; happiness is for all of us!