If you’re a regular follower of my work, you’ll know that I have a new book coming out soon.

It’s titled “Lost & Found” and it’s my most personal (and I think my best) book yet. As the title suggests, it’s about accepting being lost, being uncertain; it’s about embracing discomfort and mess.

And I might have an opportunity to share a version of this book / story at SXSW Sydney, a new (local to me) offshoot of one of the most prestigious and cool conferences events in the world!

But I need your help! Part of the process of selecting presenters is by vote. And so I’m hoping you can help me by voting for me. 

It only takes a minute or two and I’d be super grateful so if you can …

  • head to (or HERE)
  • login or register your name and email address
  • search for “Lost & Found” or Dr Tim Sharp
  • and then … give me some love

Thanks so much in advance. I don’t usually ask these sorts of favours but this would be such a cool event and such a great opportunity to tell my story of hope amidst (sometime) darkness.

Cheers for now … Dr Tim