Why thinking about death can help you really live!

Why thinking about death can help you really live!

There are certain things that are inevitable and unavoidable. And yet in some instances, we still pretend they’re not going to happen or avoid thinking about them until then smack us in the face.

One of these is … death. 

There’s no need for me to go into details, but for a variety or reasons, I’ve been thinking a bit about death of late. And interestingly, it hasn’t been an entirely negative experience.

Don’t get me wrong, the death of a loved one will always be distressing. Grief and sadness and normal and appropriate responses to significant losses.

But at the same time, as hinted at above, death and loss are inevitable. And so if we think about them in a healthy and helpful way, we can see more than just the distress; we can also see the light within the dark, the relief that comes from letting go, and the freedom that comes with accepting realities. 

Happiness isn’t necessarily a word or experience that comes to mind when thinking about death. But happiness isn’t the only type of positive emotion. Facing up to death and accepting the realities of change and loss, of comings and goings, can lead to a sense of contented acceptance, a sense of freedom from the fighting we often engage in when we try to resist reality.

And doing all this, which like almost everything is easier said than done, can then allow one to really live. Life can be more real and more positive even when resistance and denial are no longer present.

All of which is a way of saying, that thinking about death (in a healthy and helpful way) can make it easier to really live!