Happiness doesn’t always have to be LOUD!

Happiness doesn’t always have to be LOUD!

Wohoo! It’s time for Dr. Happy’s happiness tips!

Yeah. Nah.

Too often, too many equate happiness with unbridled exuberance and ecstatic joy. 

If that’s you, or your type of happiness, then great. But if not, then that’s also fine.

Not all of us feel high levels of high intensity positive emotion. It’s great if you do; but it can also be great if you don’t.

Because happiness can also be quiet and calm, soft and subtle. Happiness can be contentment and satisfaction, serenity and … 

… well, the point is, that YOUR happiness needs to be authentic to and for you! 

So if you want to shout your joy from the rooftops, then go ahead. But if you want to enjoy the world, your world, quietly in a corner, then that’s also perfectly valid.