Why are you neglecting your psychological wellbeing?

Why are you neglecting your psychological wellbeing?

So many people say they want and value health and wellbeing.

So many people say that want happiness and satisfaction.

So few people really prioritise these and dedicate enough time to achieving the health and happiness they want! 

Think about it …

Most of us spend about an hour each day nourishing your body with food / fuel (that’s an estimate based on 3 meals each day), many might spend half an hour or so engaging in some form of exercise, and although many of us don’t really get as much as we’d like, or don’t enjoy the quality we’d like, we try to achieve approximately 8 hours of sleep.

But how much time do you directly devote to your happiness and mental health and psychological wellbeing?

I’m sure some of you journal, which might be 5-10 minutes each day; and some of you might practice meditation in some form or other. You may very well have other helpful happiness boosting practices such as goal setting, savouring, reframing or, well, the list is endless.

But sadly, too many people do nothing! They say they want to feel and live better but do little, if anything, to really make this happen. 

How could this be?

There are many answers to this question. For some, they’ve not clarified their goals enough to really know what to do or how to go about it. For others, they simply don’t make happiness or psychological work a priority so other things, invariably, take over their time. For others still, there’s an underlying lack of belief that they can actually do something positive, something that will bring about more happiness and life success (which is sad and thankfully, untrue).

So what’s all this building up to? 

Make happiness habits (HERE) a non-negotiable part of your life. You probably don’t even think about brushing your teeth each morning. Make your psychological practices the same. Just do them (and fit everything else, or as much as you can, around these essentials)!