Why I write (almost) every day and why you should too!

Why I write (almost) every day and why you should too!

If you’re reading this then you probably know that I post on this blog almost every day. Why do I do this when I’m not even sure if anyone reads it? Well, because I do it for ME regardless of whether anyone else even sees it. That’s not to say I don’t hope at least a few people read my thoughts and suggestions; I do hope that even just one person each day gains something from this aspect of my work. But at the same time, engagement or reader numbers are not my primary motivator. Far from it. The main reason I write is because it’s good for me. And I think it would be good for you too.

Although I keep a journal for more personal writing, this blog is for me a type of journal. It’s a place where I can take a few minutes to put down a few thoughts, and to clarify how I’m faring and what I might need. It might not always be presented in such personal terms, but more often than not I’m writing about topics that are relevant to me, trying to solve problems that are present in my life.

And this is just one of the reasons journalling or expressive writing can be beneficial.

Journalling has been extensively researched and there are, in face, MANY proven benefits. Just some of these include …

  • making your thoughts and feelings more tangible, by getting them “out of your head”, and clarifying what’s really going on
  • putting things in perspective, helping to see that problems are often not as bad as they seem and/or that there’s more good than might otherwise have been realised
  • as a result of these aforementioned outcomes, expressive writing can alleviate distress, such as depression and anxiety, and boost positive emotions, such as happiness and gratitude
  • and with all this often comes clarity, again, about what you can do to achieve what you want to achieve, to make positive plans and ultimately, progress

I could go on but the point is, journalling is a form of mental health exercising, a way to create more health and happiness and that’s why I do it regularly. It’s also why I recommend you find a way to write daily, or as often as possible. It doesn’t need to be “public” like this, in fact it probably won’t be, but that doesn’t matter. Because just as I do this for me, your journalling is really just for you. And you deserve to enjoy all those benefits I listed above.