Little things can change your life

Little things can change your life

I just stumbled upon this article (HERE) titled “The Life Changing Potential of a Little Bit of Therapy”. In short, it reviews some fascinating research on the benefits of single-session interventions.

Now, before going on, let me be clear. I’m definitely not suggesting that just one session of therapy will be life changing for everyone! But I am suggesting that for many of us, one session, or tiny changes, could create the momentum to make a real difference. 

This reminds me of another area of research that suggests exercise snacking, or short, 2-minute workouts, can provide significant benefits. Again, this is not to suggest that if you have the time you shouldn’t exercise for longer, but rather that, as with the therapy example …

… every little bit counts! 

I’ve seen similar arguments made for making small changes to one’s diet, to practising mindfulness or meditation for just a few minutes, and for breaking down goals into tiny, achievable chunks. In each instance, the message is the same and it’s supported by some good research, that little things can make a big difference.

So, do what you can, then do more if you can, but make sure you reward yourself for every little step you take because every little step is a step towards health and happiness and wellbeing and … well, whatever form of success you’re striving for.