Does money buy happiness? Well, it all depends …

Does money buy happiness? Well, it all depends …

The age old question, does money buy happiness, has a surprisingly simple answer.

And that is … no.

But the answer really is … yes and no.

Money can and does buy happiness for certain people at certain times, and if spent in certain ways.

The answer to the question also depends on how you define happiness; and on what level you’re thinking about happiness and money.

Getting confused? Well, to help you understand things a bit better, today I’m happy to share with you two quite different articles that come at this issue from two quite different perspectives … but they’re both extremely important and useful.

First up, coming at things from a pretty traditional way of thinking about this question, Eric Barker provides suggestions for how to spend your money to enjoy more happiness. He includes some well known tips such as buying experiences rather than “stuff”, enjoying more frequent small pleasures rather than waiting for “big” ones, and, well, you can read the full and original article … HERE

Looking at things differently, Arun Gupta, Gerard George and Thomas Fewer review modern day capitalism and some of the problems it presents for happiness plus, how we can find our way out of “this mess” and back to more happiness for more people. Just so you know, it’s written from a business / entrepreneur perspective BUT if you take just a bit of time I’m sure you’ll find relevance in your own life. Anyway, if you’re interested, check it out … HERE

There’s no way of avoiding money in life; and there’s no denying we all want happiness. So understanding some of the basic principles outlined in these articles can help us be happier and live better. Best of luck!