You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the benefits of the sabbath

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the benefits of the sabbath

I’ll be 100% honest with you up front; I’m not a religious person.

And further, this is not a post about religion.

But it does begin with a religious idea; and that is, the notion of a sabbath.

As far as I can tell, almost all religions have some form of a sabbath day. Within the Judeo-Christian system, the sabbath is typically held on Saturday or Sunday, and involves a day of rest and abstinence from work, frequently coupled with time spent reflecting upon spiritual matters and notably, spending time with family and community.

As far as other religions go, Buddhists don’t specifically have a weekly day of worship, although some so observe a day of rest known as Uposatha. This day is for the “cleansing of the defiled mind” to restore inner calm and joy. Uposatha is not scheduled for a particular day of the week but rather a couple of days within each lunar month. Some adherents spend the day meditating on and discussing Buddhist teachers. They may attend a temple or observe Uposatha in their homes.

I won’t go on, but many other religions or even different cultures have similar practices.

And my point is … it’s a great idea! Most of us underrate and under-practice rest and reflection. Most of us could do with more “down time” and time spent with loved ones, with family and friends, notably, without feeling guilt about it!!!

Research clearly shows there are massive benefits associated with quiet reflection, with slowing down, with connection and with meditation and with so much that’s often practised within a ‘sabbath’ type day. Among other things, these benefits include health and wellbeing and happiness.

So, regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs or practices, or lack there of, why not integrate a “quiet day”, a rest day, a happiness day into your week or month? Call it whatever you want, but do it for your own joy and wellbeing : )