What if this was a great year!

What if this was a great year!

In psychology, “what if’s” are often seen in the context of catastrophising and anxiety.

That is, many of us often think about what could go wrong, and what if we failed.

But what if there was a positive version of “what if’s”? A version that boosted positive emotions like happiness and enhanced motivation and inspiration and clarity?

What if, for example, everything went well?

What if you succeeded / did great?

What if you completed all the tasks you set for yourself and achieved the goals towards which you’re striving?

What if people really did like you, if they spoke kindly about you behind your back?!?!

What if you were grateful for all you had, and appreciative of all who love and care for you?

What if you recognised your strengths, and used them to the best of your ability?

What if the world really was a good place with good people doing good things?

There’s no doubt there are problems in the world; but there’s also no doubt there’s lots of good and some exciting solutions! What if you were to focus more on the latter???