Stop waiting for motivation. There’s something MUCH better!

Stop waiting for motivation. There’s something MUCH better!

I’m not and have never been a fan of motivation. At least for me, my motivation can vary wildly from day to day. In fact, as someone who’s lived with depression most of my adult life my motivation is very often very low.

As such, if I waited until I was “motivated” before doing anything I’d be waiting a long time.

Even if you don’t live with depression, fluctuations in motivation are normal; which is why relying on it is hazardous. If you only do important things when you feel up to doing important things, those important things simply won’t get done a lot of the time. And this is, in my humble opinion, why so many people don’t achieve so many of their desired goals AND why so many are not experiencing as much happiness or success as they could be.

But the good news is there’s a better way; a much better way! And that way is, doing certain things whether we feel like doing them or not.

I’m guessing you don’t wait until you’re motivated to brush your teeth each day?!?! Instead, we brush our teeth regularly just because we know it’s important and good for us. Knowing what’s important and good for us is the first step, and maybe a topic for another day, but once you know what these are then they should become … just what you do. Regardless of how you feel. Whether you feel “motivated” or not.

I don’t claim to be good at many things but this is something I think I’ve done well for quite some time now. Despite often low levels of motivation, I’ve been able to largely keep my depression and mental ill-health under control and even to enjoy some happiness and wellbeing by making certain practices … just what I do.

No matter how I’m feeling, I almost always exercise and/or walk each day, meditate each morning, practice gratitude each evening, and I have a few more healthy habits that are part of my routine as well. By making these things “just what I do” and by making them habitual rather than dependent on my mood or motivation, I get them done much more often and so, enjoy the benefits much of the time.

So there it is; an explanation of why I advocate for (1) working out what’s really important AND (2) doing what’s really important without question, rather than trying to create or worse still, waiting for motivation to hit.