A few great articles to keep in mind as you set your mind on the new year …

A few great articles to keep in mind as you set your mind on the new year …

I find New Years a bit funny.

On the one hand, I recognise the benefits of having landmarks and specific dates that remind us of something important or prompt us to reflect on something beneficial.

On the other hand, most dates are just arbitrary and if these things are important, why don’t we think about them every day?!?!

I guess, like most things in life, there reasons and pros and cons and whether I like it or not, most people will, over the next few days and weeks, be reflecting on 2023 and planning for 2024, setting resolutions and goals for more health and wellbeing, happiness and success.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So, rather than writing yet another article on these topics, many of which will be easy to find for anyone looking for them, I thought instead I’d just provide a few thought-provoking articles you might like to consider during your annual pondering …

  • many of you would be familiar with the idea of reading self-help books to learn more about coping with mental ill-health and/or boosting our happiness and resilience (etcetera) but reading (almost anything) can actually be far more beneficial in far more ways. Check out this story via Psyche … HERE
  • who doesn’t love a hero story? Whether it’s the Marvel Universe or something more classic like a Greek tragedy, heroes have played a part in many a good story, often inspiring us to achieve more (success? happiness? strength?) in our own lives. To see how you might be able to use this as a life strategy, read … THIS
  • for those looking for something more traditionally associated with successfully setting new year goals, and more directly creating more happiness and life success, check out yet another great article from Eric Barker … HERE

I hope you find these interesting and/or helpful. I hope you find some positives when you reflect back on the year that’s been. And I hope you’re inspired to do good and to feel good in 2024!