I’m definitely no religious expert but …

I’m definitely no religious expert but …

I’m definitely no biblical or religious expert but … didn’t Jesus advocate for loving our neighbours?

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m no religious expert but … didn’t Christ encourage us all to love?

I’m well aware that some believers, not just in Christianity but in other religions, can cherry-pick quotes or passages to support one argument or another but … aren’t these good notions to cherry-pick?

I’m going to run with it and invite you all, regardless or your chosen religion (or even lack thereof), to give some thought, at this time of year and into the new year, to …

  • being more loving and accepting more love
  • tolerating differences, of all kinds
  • accepting people for who they are and what they believe
  • understanding that we’re all different, and that that’s a good thing
  • practising compassion, for others and for ourselves

I’ll make an exception in this for those who actively harm others, or who’s words / beliefs might encourage harm of others. But apart from that … let’s let each other be! Let’s love more and accept more and maybe, just maybe, we can all be happier more?!?!