Happiness doesn’t always come naturally; but it’s still possible

Happiness doesn’t always come naturally; but it’s still possible

There are many myths and misconceptions about happiness; I know because I’ve believed many of them myself and I’ve spent much of my career trying to bust them!

And one of the more common happiness misconceptions is the notion that happiness … just is. That it’s a natural state and all we need to do is let it be.

Well, that may be true for some; but it’s definitely not true for all of us.

If happiness comes easily to you then I’m genuinely happy for you. You’re lucky, and I hope you appreciate this wonderful predisposition with which you were born.

But for many of us, happiness is more elusive; it still comes, but not as often and not as easily.

But it still does appear for all of us; and there are still things we can all do to enjoy more of it. Which is the point of this short post.

Happiness is almost always possible; maybe not at 10 out of 10, but almost always at just one point higher than what you’re currently feeling. It can take work; but so too do most things worth anything in this life. It takes persistence; but so too do most things of value. And it’s helped by us being kind and gentle to ourselves along the way.

So, if you’re not enjoying as much happiness or positivity in your life that’s OK. It’s OK to feel all the feelings BUT keep trying, keep working, keep striving for even just a little bit more. I can guarantee you there’s something you’ll appreciate just around that next corner …