3 things to say daily

3 things to say daily

I use and advocate for all sorts of daily practices.

In fact, I’ve written a whole series (10 in fact!) of Audible audiobooks on habits (beginning with Habits for Happiness and Habits for Happiness at work, then on to Habits for Greatness and even Habits for Mastering Depression (and Anxiety and more). If you’re on Audible, they’re all free; just search for one of the aforementioned titles or for Dr Tim Sharp.

But today, I’m sharing a few things I try to say daily, for myself and for those around me:

  1. SORRY … to all those I’ve offended or upset in any way
  2. THANK YOU … to all those who’ve come in to my life in a positive way
  3. HOW CAN I HELP … to all those who come to me in need

There are many other options along these lines, but as many of you would know, I like to keep things simple.

What do you OR would you like to say on a daily basis? What would your version be? Feel free to share your individual happiness variant on any of my social platforms and let’s keep doing the best we can to strive towards happiness and living a good life as often as we can.