To affirmation or not to affirmation

To affirmation or not to affirmation

I have mixed feelings about affirmations.

For one thing, the research support is mixed. Positive affirmations can definitely be helpful, and contribute to happiness and success, BUT ONLY IF they’re realistic.

So yes, I advocate for positive affirmations but … with some qualifications.

Personally, I’ve found it helpful to create and practice affirmations on a daily basis; when I focus on something positive I definitely feel happier and more confident.

But again, this depends on my affirmations being realistic; if not, I just end up feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Another thing that’s important for me is to change my affirmations from time to time. Even if or when something is working for me it rarely, if ever, works forever. After a few weeks or months I tend to become “numb” to any positive powers my words might have and as such, the impact on my mood, my happiness, diminishes.

Recently, I’ve begun repeating a new affirmation, one that might not appear that inspirational but which for me, is definitely realistic and most importantly, it’s right for me at this moment in time.

In case you’re interested, my current affirmation is … you’re doing the best you can!

This is undeniably true, and what’s also true is that when I can do better I will. So, my best varies from day to day but each day I’m doing as best I can and with that, I need to be satisfied.

Happiness is a close cousin of satisfaction and so although this might not fill me with a huge amount of the high arousal positive emotions, like joy and excitement, it definitely stabilises my moods, limits my unhappiness, and allows me to feel a sense of contentment more often.

What do you say to yourself (if anything)? Is it realistic? And helpful? And do you change up your mindset from time to time?