All the ways it’s OK not to be OK …

All the ways it’s OK not to be OK …

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the saying or seen the hashtag, #itsoknottobeok

I’m not always a fan of these types of social media trends, because by definition they oversimplify, making mental ill-health or happiness or wellbeing or whatever seem ridiculously and unrealistically obvious.

But I do like the idea of not being OK all the time because, although it is very simple it’s also very true.

No one is or should expect to be happy ALL the time; just as no one is or should expect to be many other things that we strive for or that we’re told to be.

So today, I thought I’d try to compile a list of all the ways it’s OK not to be OK ….

  • it’s OK not to always know where you’re going or even what you want to achieve
  • it’s OK not to know exactly who you are
  • it’s OK to sometimes question what you value, and what you’re priorities are
  • and it’s OK to get lost, even if you do know the answers to the previous few questions
  • it’s OK (it’s DEFINITELY OK) not to have the perfect body
  • it’s OK to have an unusually shaped nose, some age lines on your face, a roll of flab around your belly
  • it’s OK to eat that donut, the burger and fries, or that ice-cream
  • it’s OK to have dark thoughts, to doubt yourself and the world
  • it’s OK to lose hope, and to feel pessimistic at times
  • it’s OK to feel lonely, isolated, and as though you don’t fit in
  • it’s OK to take time to and for yourself
  • it’s OK to not feel strong, and to be hyper aware of all your faults and failings and weaknesses
  • and it’s OK to just not feel like having fun

I could go on. But I decided it’s OK not to compile a COMPLETE list. But I do want to finish with one more important point … IT’S OK TO ACCEPT ALL THIS AND IT’S OK TO REACH OUT AND ASK FOR HELP AND IT’S OK TO TAKE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION TO FEEL MORE OK!!!