I’ve recently been feeling anxious about … tension!

I’ve recently been feeling anxious about … tension!

In recent weeks, I’ve become aware of several juxtapositions in my life.

I’m keen to let something go; but sad that it might soon be gone.

I’m excited about several new opportunities; but anxious and a bit stressed about all that needs to be done.

I’m working towards a few changes in my life; but aware that my default is safety in the known.

And, there’s more …

I’m sharing this today because I think this isn’t just something in MY life in RECENT weeks BUT more so, a normal part of life.

We might not aways be aware of it but life is tension; tension between safety and risk, selfishness and selflessness, striving and resting. Being mindful of this is important because without awareness, we’ll feel all the unpleasant aspects associated with these tensions.

With awareness, however, comes acceptance which can also allow for the positive aspects to shine and let in happiness and joy, excitement and inspiration.

Maybe this is what some of the age-old philosophies refer to as yin and yang. Whatever we call it, it’s definitely worth thinking about : )