Another day, another opportunity to choose…

Another day, another opportunity to choose…

I woke up today, as I’m sure you did, to another day.

Another day or challenges and opportunities. Another day or stressors and joys.

Another day in which we all have the opportunity to choose … to choose what?

Well, today (and tomorrow and the next day etc) we can choose what we focus on, and what we don’t. What we give our attention to, and what we don’t. What we priorities, and what we let go.

Today we can choose whether to care for and nurture our bodies, with exercise and healthy eating, with rest and tonight … with sleep.

We get to choose our attitude – which could focus on all that’s wrong or all that’s right, on what we want or on what we have.

We can choose who we spend time with, or who we call and message. And we can choose how we interact with these people we’ve chosen to have in our lives.

And don’t stop there … we can choose to beat ourselves up for all we’re not OR love ourselves for all we are. We can choose to focus on our faults and failings, or on our strengths and attributes.

And with all this, we’ll be choosing joy and happiness, which are part of thriving and flourishing. Happiness is important for a good life; so choose it as best you can as often as you can, today and tomorrow and …