3 Interesting articles from the past week

3 Interesting articles from the past week

If you’re reading this then you’re interested in happiness, mental health, psychology, positive psychology or all of the above!

But that doesn’t mean you have the time to read all the great articles that are written and published, each and every week.

I do!

That’s my job; to stay up to date on all things happiness and wellbeing and more. And my job is also to share this happiness information with you which is what I’m doing here by highlighting just a few of the best new stories from the last week or so …

  • Arthur C Brooks is one of the best writers in this area and he regularly muses on happiness and happiness related topics in The Atlantic. His most recent article is titled “Four ways to be grateful – and happier” and you can read it … HERE
  • Coming at happiness and positivity from a very different angle, Justin Bariso writes in INC that “Emotionally Intelligent People Use a Brilliant 6-Word Phrase to Stop Thinking They’re Not Good Enough and Move on” which you can read … HERE
  • Your Tango includes some great tips under the headline, “5 Joyful ‘Micro-Acts’ You Can Do Daily That Truly Make Your Life Better, According To Scientists” and you can learn more … HERE

I hope you find this interesting and useful; and I hope you keep striving to live well and with happiness. We can’t be happy ALL the time but we can keep trying!