Happiness lessons from a handy man (person)

Happiness lessons from a handy man (person)

let me be clear from the outset, I’m not a handyman.

I wish I was, and I’m pleased to say I’ve become more handy in recent years, but there are still many jobs around the house I wish I knew how to do better and many I’m still learning how to do well.

But that’s not the point of today’s post; it’s not about being great at being handy or, for that matter, about being great at anything.

Instead, it’s about a simple lesson we could all learn from handy people that as strange as it might sound, could very well boost our happiness.

Happiness and handiness?

Yep, and it’s pretty simple!

Whether you’re handy or not you’re no doubt familiar with someone who is, or at least you’re familiar with the notion of a handyman / tradesperson.

And as such, it probably won’t surprise you to read that tradies typically have a tool kit, a tool box, or a tool bag. Whatever they carry their tools around in, they have multiple tools. That is, they don’t just have a hammer, or a wrench, or a set of pliers or any ONE thing. They have many tools. Because they know that different jobs require different tools; or more accurately, different combinations of tools.

So, how does this relate to happiness?

Well, when it comes to thriving and flourishing, or to coping with stress and adversity, most of us have at least one “tool” (otherwise known as a coping strategy). More so, most of us have several tools. But many of us also default, more often than not, to a “favourite” tool.

That’s OK. Until it isn’t. Because again, just like the handy man knows different jobs require different tools so does the effective coper know that different stressors require different tools and creating happiness on different days, or at different stages of life, also requires different sets of tools.

The lesson, then, is to make sure you have more than one coping strategy / happiness booster in your repertoire. And to make sure that you’re mindful enough to apply the right tool at the right time. Because not everything is nail and not everything requires a hammer!