A few interesting articles from the week just past

A few interesting articles from the week just past

It might not surprise any of you to read that I spend a lot of my time reading and studying, thinking about happiness and positive psychology.

Psychology generally, and more recently positive psychology and happiness, have been my life.

I love learning and I love sharing my learnings which is why, once again, for those of you don’t have the time to sift through the massive number of related articles, I’m happily sharing with you today a few of the better and more interesting happiness related articles from recent days.

And so, with no further ado …

  • Llewellyn van Zyl, on the Psychology Today site, writes about 7 strategies for creating more meaningful life experiences via “life crafting”. You can read it HERE
  • And an article that’s close to my heart, or very relevant for me, discusses why YOU REALLY DO DESERE happiness … HERE
  • Another one I found very relevant and useful, is for those of us who find it hard to relax and to “do nothing”. Cassie Shortsleeve via the Self website presents “A guide to doing nothing” … HERE
  • And one more, a good simple reminder of “The Psychology Of Happiness: 3 Tips To Find (& Maintain) Lifelong Joy” which comes via Mind Body Green by Jasob Wachob … HERE

There’s always more to learn about happiness; or even more reminders about that which we already know that can be helpful. I hope these provide some value to you and I wish you health and happiness, joy and satisfaction, as much and as often as is possible : )