To get happy, get …

To get happy, get …

I write a lot about mental health and happiness and when I do, I don’t usually like to be too prescriptive. That’s because, we’re all different. And happiness will look and feel different for different people.

Even for the same person, happiness can and will be different at different stages of life, or even on different days of the week!

But today, partly for some fun, I’m going to be a bit more direct. Today’s post, is about getting happy and to do so, I suggest you get …

  • outside more
  • lost often
  • going working towards some meaningful goals
  • moving and active
  • to sleep earlier
  • to work fostering and developing a mindset of optimism and gratitude
  • together with others more regularly
  • laughing and smiling and playful as often as you can!

Some argue that you shouldn’t directly try to create more happiness; that by doing so you might actually be undermining the experience of positive emotions. I’m not sure I entirely agree with that, and that striving towards having more happiness is fine as long as your expectations are realistic, but what I do know is that happiness will come to those who more often than not, do the right things, to those who get out and get going with that which will get them happy!