7 Tips for stressing LESS and enjoying MORE

7 Tips for stressing LESS and enjoying MORE

We all want to enjoy happiness, even if just a little more happiness.

But we all, also, have stressors in our lives. So although happiness might be our goal, a reasonable goal, it’s also normal and appropriate to feel, and important to accept, stress and worry, depression and frustration (to name just a few).

But there are ways to stress less and to be happy more often. And here are my top 7 tips:

  1. Think about and ideally write down the top 3 things about which you’re upset or worried. This, in itself, can be helpful but …
  2. Ask yourself, on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is the absolute worst thing I can imagine happening, how would I realistically rate these stressors?
  3. Further, how bad will they REALLY seem in a week, a month or a year?
  4. And even if they are bad, what can / could I do about them? Who would help me fix or manage them?
  5. Now, list the 3 BEST things in your life right now
  6. Savour them; that is, set aside some time to really focus on and appreciate them
  7. Further, ask yourself, how can I make them last longer? And / or how can I make more of them?

It’s important to accept ALL of life, the good and the bad; but it’s also important to minimise the impact of the “bad” and to maximise the benefits from the “good”!

Give it a try and … here’s to less stress and more happiness : )