Why you should do this 3 thing every day

Why you should do this 3 thing every day

To begin with, take another look at the heading of this article.

It’s titled, “Why you should do this 3 thing…” Note, it’s not, “Why you should do THESE 3 thingS”!

It’s not a typo; it’s intentional. It’s a 3 thing.

What’s a 3 thing? Well, what I’m suggesting is that every day you …

  • have no more than 3 meaningful goals. Any more, and they’re probably not really meaningful OR you probably won’t have the time or energy to get them done
  • should priorities the healthy 3! That is, exercise, nutritious eating, and sleep
  • focus on and savour 3 good things. What 3 things are you most grateful for in life at the moment?
  • reach out and connect with 3 people. It might just be a message, or a phone call, or maybe something more significant like catching up for a coffee or chat. But remember, always, that connection is key to health and wellbeing and happiness
  • remind yourself of your top 3 strengths, those positive attributes that make you most you, the happiest you and the best you, and find ways to utilise them as best you can
  • find 3 opportunities to laugh. This is so underestimated, but how can happiness or any sort of good life be possible without laughter?!?!

So, there you have it. My “3 thing” approach to living with and creating more happiness, to coping through tough days and enjoying the better days!