What’s your life PLAN?

What’s your life PLAN?

Many years ago, when I was more actively involved in coaching and Executive Coaching, I developed a model that many of my clients found helpful. It’s something I believe anyone can use, and so I thought I’d share it with you all today.

The model was based on the idea that if we make PLANs we’re more likely to enjoy what we want to enjoy, whether that’s happiness or any form of success.

And by “PLAN” I mean actively setting goals, but I also use PLAN as an acronym that stands for …

  • P = Positive Vision for the Future
  • L = Leverage
  • A = Action, and
  • N = Now

The idea is that if we can imagine a Positive vision, Leverage off what strengths and resources we have at our disposal, take considered and mindful Action and then focus, each step of the way, on what we can do Now, then we’ll boost our chances of achieving and accomplishing, happiness and success.

And so, I invite you to make PLANs for your future happiness and life, for a great life with positivity and joy. And I hope you might share with me some of your successes and accomplishments : )