It’s OK not to have all the answers. A good question is often much better …

It’s OK not to have all the answers. A good question is often much better …

Many of us, when searching for happiness or trying to cope with some form of adversity, look for and think we need to have all the answers, or even just some answers.

This isn’t an entirely irrational approach, but there might be a better one.

Many situations in life don’t have answers; at least not clear or perfect ones. But that doesn’t mean we can’t search for something else.

What I encourage you to think about, is a good question!

Answers, if they exist, close things off.

Questions, when we can use them, open up options, for now and the future. A good question encourages the asker to be open minded, to be curious, to understand that happiness and life are complex and that that’s OK.

So, in the context of whatever’s going on in your life, take a break from your regular efforts to find definitive answers and try, instead, asking some of these questions …

  • What’s going on and what would you like to be going on?
  • What’s REALLY important to you at the moment and WHO would you like to be throughout this scenario?
  • What can you do to take care of yourself (mentally and physically)?
  • Although you might be facing some challenges, WHAT’S GOING WELL and for what can you be thankful right now?
  • Who can you talk to? Who do you have in your life with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings?
  • What strengths and attributes can you bring to your current attempts to cope and be resilient?

I could go on but I hope you find these helpful. Remember, happiness doesn’t always come from knowing, but sometimes from accepting and being comfortable with not knowing.