What do you need to unlearn?

What do you need to unlearn?

So much of how we live our lives is programmed into us when we’re young.

And so much of what’s programmed into us when we’re young continues to influence our lives, including our happiness and wellbeing, well into adulthood.

Not all of which is bad; but some of which isn’t always healthy or helpful.

You see, just because your parents thought or believed in something doesn’t mean you need to. Just because something worked for you when you were younger, doesn’t mean it will always work for you.

Things change. Life changes. What we need for and even how we define happiness changes!

Yet we rarely change our thoughts and beliefs accordingly.

In contrast, you’ve almost certainly updated the software for your phone or devices recently. You’ve almost certainly updated your wardrobe and/or hairstyle since you were younger.

Why, then, don’t we update our “happiness software” which is just another way of describing our thoughts and beliefs, expectations and values and more!?!?

Well, we should; if, that is, we want real and meaningful happiness, over the long term.

So, give some thought to your thoughts. Reflect upon your internal software and ask yourself … is this really serving me? Because if it’s not, it might be time to UNLEARN a few things and reboot!