Q & A with Dr Happy

Q & A with Dr Happy

As part of my new, weekly eNewsletter (you can subscribe HERE), I’ll be choosing one question each week, from a reader, and answering it as best I can. And today, I’ve chosen to respond to Cheryl.

Cheryl asked a number of questions in her email but I’ve selected this one … how do you train yourself to just do today?

Like many of us, Cheryl described finding it difficult not to think too far ahead, to worry and to plan about tomorrow and next week and even further.

Obviously, thinking and planning ahead isn’t entirely wrong, but it can rob us of today’s joy and happiness, and we can fall into the trap of worrying about things that will never happen.

Living in the moment is the obvious solution but like many things in life, it’s much easier said than done. So, what would I recommend?


And self-compassion.

That is, set yourself the goal to stay focused, as best you can, on the present moment.

Whey you’re thoughts stray to the past, or the future, which they will, gently bring them back and re-focus on the here and now.

And the gently suggestion is important, because we all struggle with this, we’re all imperfect, so treat yourself kindly and just try again, as often as you need to, doing a little better each and every day.

With practice comes mastery and with mastery comes … well, not perfection but something a little better.

Thinking and planning ahead can be very useful; but make sure you limit them to ensure that you also benefit from focusing on and enjoying the now. That, in many ways, is happiness. Balancing learning from the past and preparing for the future with savouring the pleasures of today.

Happiness is here. Happiness is now. Happiness is gently recognising that we can only do the best we can.