Sometimes it might be useful to ask others what you should change

Sometimes it might be useful to ask others what you should change

As some of you would well be aware, I’m relatively active on social media.

If you’re not aware, but interested, you can find links to each of my pages (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) here on my website (at the very top, right of my page and/or on the Contact Us page).

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is that although I’ve never really paid much attention to likes or metrics, posting, instead, what I thought would be useful and interesting, I did recently notice a significant drop in engagement, especially on my Instagram page.

I’d been doing pretty much the same thing for quite a while now, and people had seemed to love it, so I couldn’t understand why.

But then I realised, maybe that was why; maybe people were a bit bored of what I was doing and maybe it was time for a change!

In an attempt to ascertain what was going on, I posted a video, asking people what they thought, and inviting them to give me feedback and/or make suggestions. And amazingly, the engagement levels shot right back up again!

Most people commented that they loved what I do, which was nice, and most encouraged me to keep on keeping on, but a few made some great suggestions for new ways of doing things.

And that’s the point of this blog post. Happiness and wellbeing and, well, any form of “success” tend to come from healthy and positive routines. At the same time, however, routines and habits can become boring, and if they do so, we might become less likely to practice them.

Not surprisingly, then, this could detract from the levels of happiness and success we enjoy.

So, how do we develop processes to create positive emotions and positive experiences, like happiness and resilience, but not fall into the trap of slacking off because something’s become mundane?

Ask someone else! Get some new ideas!

They might give you some new and interesting ideas, or they may well encourage you to keep persisting, which is fine, but even then, you’re more than likely to persist with a new mindset, and that might be all you need to get back into it with a new lease on life.

If you’ve listened to any of my Audible audiobooks you’ll know I’m a big fan of habits, especially habits for happiness. But I hope you also give some consideration to variation, because as we all know, variety is the spice of life and a key to LONG TERM happiness and more.