I’m starting something new! Here’s what and why…

I’m starting something new! Here’s what and why…

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’m about to launch a new project.

Well, it’s actually a return to an old project, something I used to really enjoy but for various reasons, let slide.

What is this new and exciting “thing”?

It is … drum roll … a weekly eNewsletter!

For anyone that’s been following me for a while, you might remember the “Monday Morning Tips” I used to write and send for many, many years. Every Monday, I’d send out an eNewsletter, with some practical tips within a new and original article.

Now, I’m bringing it back! Albeit, with a few changes.

Once again, I’ll be mailing out each Monday morning. And not surprisingly, I’ll be writing about happiness and satisfaction, life and … well, this time around, much more.

In addition to the weekly original article, I’ll be including a modified version of my weekly tips, some recommended resources AND, a new and exciting addition.

I’ll be selecting one question sent in by you, each week, and answering it as best I can.

The question could be on anything – how to be happier, more productive, have better relationships AND/OR it could be something personal, like how I cope with stress or what I think about, well, anything.

Why am I doing this, something new amidst all the other things I do and when there are so many other distractions clogging up our inboxes?

Well, because I love writing.

And I love connecting with you.

And I think that what I can offer will be different and interesting and useful and hopefully … worth your time.

Plus, I’m actually keen to spend LESS time on social media. And I see this mailing as a healthier way to keep doing what I’m doing, and maybe for you to keep consuming what I’m doing, without so much of the scrolling!

So, there it is. If you’d like to receive my free weekly mailings then just click HERE and sign up. You can unsubscribe any time, or you can get involved and send me questions to answer and topics to ponder.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading … Tim (aka Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy)