The Top 10 Positive Emotions That Make Us Good Humans

The Top 10 Positive Emotions That Make Us Good Humans

Happiness is just one of many valuable positive emotions.

And Positive Psychology, the science of thriving and flourishing, is interested in much more than happiness. Happiness is great, but so too are many of the other positive emotions, many of which are often overlooked.

So, if you’re interested in happiness and more, then read on …

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  • You can experience positive emotions toward the self (pride), while some are for others (admiration, love).
  • Positive emotions such as gratitude and hope are associated with your well-being.
  • These 10 positive emotions tend to make us feel good, but many have a negative counterpart.
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Source: Geralt/ Pixabay

Much of the psychological research on emotions focuses on what are termed the “universal” and basic emotions of happiness, sadness, angerfear, and surprise. There are, however, more complex emotions that are both positive and negative.

Here are the top 10 positive emotions beyond happiness.

  1. Pride. We experience pride when we associate ourselves with some personal achievement, or the accomplishments of others (as in pride when a child wins an award). We also experience pride when someone else admires us. Of course, there can be a negative aspect to being too prideful—as noted in the Bible.
  2. Compassion. This is the emotion whereby we show sympathy and concern for the sufferings of others. For the most part, when we show concern or pity for others, it is a positive emotion, particularly in Western cultures (Condon & Feldman Barrett, 2013). However, like pride, there can be negative aspects to compassion, such as when we start to “feel another person’s pain.”
  3. Gratitude. This is the emotion of being thankful. Gratitude was relatively unstudied until recently. It is a positive emotion because research evidence shows that showing gratitude can feedback and give us a greater sense of well-being (Emmons & Crumpler, 2011). That is why people are encouraged to show gratitude to others: It makes them feel good, and also us…

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