A philosopher says that a meaningful and fulfilling life comes down to 4 basic pillars

A philosopher says that a meaningful and fulfilling life comes down to 4 basic pillars

Happiness is about more than just happiness.

At least, living a happy life, a thriving and flourishing and good life, is about more than just positive emotions.

Positive emotions like happiness are great, but they need to sit on a solid foundation of meaning and purpose, which is what this article is all about …

via Idea Pod by Lachlan Brown

Have you ever wondered what truly makes life worth living?

Emily Esfahani Smith, a positive psychology expert and author, shares a deeply personal story about this very question in her eye-opening TEDTalk.

But if you don’t have time to watch the video, or if you learn better linguistically, then we got you covered!

Because in this article, we’ll discuss Emily Esfahani Smith’s ground-breaking discovery about the search for meaning and fulfillment.

She started off like many of us—believing that the ultimate goal of life was to chase happiness. 

She says, “Everyone said the path to happiness was success, so I searched for that ideal job, that perfect boyfriend, that beautiful apartment.”

But here’s the thing: instead of feeling content and fulfilled, she ended up feeling anxious and lost.

Does that sound familiar? It sure did for Esfahani Smith.

She noticed that many people around her felt the same way.

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This sparked a journey, a quest for answers. And this journey led her to graduate school for positive psychology—and to some discoveries that not only transformed her life but could transform ours as well…

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