How to Be Resilient When You Are Highly Sensitive

How to Be Resilient When You Are Highly Sensitive

Those of us who’re highly sensitive, can definitely enjoy happiness. In fact, we enjoy it intensely.

But so too, do we intensely feel all other emotions, now just happiness, but also … stress and anxiety, anger, frustration and more!

Highly sensitive people tend to experience the best, AND THE WORST, of all emotions. Which makes happiness, difficult at times …

via Psychology Today by Carla Shuman


  • It’s possible to be both a highly sensitive person and resilient.
  • Resilience doesn’t mean changing who you are.
  • Actively cultivate coping strategies and a strong support network.
@mcreynoldsph / Canva

@mcreynoldsph / Canva

The term “highly sensitive people,“ or HSP as it is referred to in popular psychology, has become the focus of blogs, TikTok videos, and influencers. While the term often appears in pop culture, there is some research documenting heightened sensitivity, especially among the Neurodivergent population. The term “highly sensitive person“ generally refers to those who are much more easily affected by their environment, who are more empathetic than most, and whose emotions run very intensely.

The consensus among those who identify as highly sensitive is that it makes life much more challenging and stressful, and that they are often misunderstood by the rest of the world. They long for compassion and understanding from others. This is understandable, but it’s also important to remember that we live in a world that is not always accommodating. For this reason, everyone needs to build resilience. I believe it is possible to be a highly sensitive person and to become strong and resilient when facing challenging circumstances.

Here are some strategies to consider if you are a highly sensitive person working to become resilient.

  1. Find your superpowers. If you are highly sensitive, your superpowers are intelligenceimagination, empathy, self-awareness, insight, and intuition. Use these amazing superpowers to your advantage in situations where you are more likely to be uncomfortable or more emotionally reactive. In situations where you can plan ahead, think about how you can prepare yourself to adjust to environments that are not as good of a fit to your highly sensitive personality. Use your intelligence and imagination to create a set of coping skills that you can use to adjust to unexpected circumstances and keep that in reserve…

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