A few things about managing so-called “negative emotions” …

A few things about managing so-called “negative emotions” …

This is a blog about happiness.

So most of my posts are about how to foster and develop more “positive emotions”, like happiness and joy and contentment and love, as well as creating a truly happy life, one with thriving and flourishing, meaning and purpose.

But no one is, or should expect to be happy ALL the time.

We all do and will experience “negative emotions”. This isn’t wrong, or bad, it’s just part of being human.

At the same time, however, excessive or enduring negative emotion can detract from happiness. So, for those of us who want more happiness, or more consistent happiness, then as well as promoting positive emotions we also need to manage and maybe even reduce negative emotions.

With this in mind, here are a few relevant articles you might find helpful …

First up, via Bryan Robinson and Forbes magazine, is “5 D’s To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Amp Up Career Performance” which you can find and read fully HERE

Next up, via Bruce Wilson and Psychology Today, is an article titled “Self-Limiting Your Stress” which argues that your stress is self-created, therefore, you can self-limit it. Read it HERE

And finally, via New Scientist by Moheb Costandi, is an article suggesting that researchers have identified a network of structures in the brain that may help us to regulate negative emotions when we see something upsetting. Sound good? Check it out HERE

I hope you find this post, and these articles helpful. If you do, feel free to let me know via Instagram, Facebook or Threads at thehappinessinstitute : )