2 Reasons Why We Need To Spend More Time Thinking About Nothing, According To A Psychologist

2 Reasons Why We Need To Spend More Time Thinking About Nothing, According To A Psychologist

Hustle culture.

I love the idea of people striving, to achieve and to be their best.

But I’m not so sure about the part of this that involves always being on the go, sacrificing sleep and rest, and ultimately, likely, burning out!

Happiness and wellbeing require some level of accomplishment, but in balance. And that balance involves times of rest and recovery, doing nothing and just being.

So, if you’re happiness is in need of a bit more perspective and nothingness, read on …

via Forbes by Mark Travers

According to a classic study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, it is likely that the more we use our brains, the less age-related cognitive decline we experience. But what does this really mean? Does it mean that we all need to become around-the-clock thinkers and information processing machines? Probably not.

Humans are expected to keep up with the blazing speed of technological advancement today. This inevitably leads to the fast-paced life we are all familiar with. Given the relentless pace of modern life, it is unsurprising that the prevalence of mental illness is increasing.

That’s why slowing things down and taking a step back to appreciate your life and journey is extremely beneficial to your mental health. Here are three ways taking some time out to just laze and saunter, rather than hustle and run ahead, will help you live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

#1. Slowing down helps you make better decisions

By slowing down, we are potentially able to stave off decision fatigue, which is when our ability to make decisions is depleted due to the large number of decisions we have already made.

The pressures of our fast-paced world may call for a number of decisions to be made, but by consciously slowing down and making time to, say, enjoy an evening stroll in the park, we offer ourselves the opportunity to recharge and make wiser decisions…

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