Emotionally Intelligent People Use 2 Simple Rules to Stop Negative Thinking and Move Forward

Emotionally Intelligent People Use 2 Simple Rules to Stop Negative Thinking and Move Forward

We all have negative thoughts some times. Some of us more than others, and more than we’d like.

It’s OK to have negative thoughts but it’s not very conducive to happiness.

So, those of us who’d like to experience more positive emotions, like happiness, need to take some form of positive action to reduce these negative thoughts.

And we can! This is great news; there are things you can do to curb negative thinking and as a result, enjoy more happiness and calm …

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Are you trapped in a cycle of negative thinking? Here’s how to break out of it.

Why now?

I couldn’t stop asking myself that question. After months of slow business, I was suddenly getting inundated with tons of appointments and opportunities, more than I could manage.

I felt overwhelmed. Overtaken by negative thoughts. I started to complain.

But my complaining wasn’t doing me, or the business, any good. I should have been seeing these opportunities as a good thing. Instead, I was trapping myself in a cycle of negative thinking, causing me to miss out on the opportunities I could handle.

Maybe you see yourself in a similar situation. Do you ever get overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions, to the point that you feel stuck and unable to move forward?

If so, emotional intelligence can help.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage emotions. To help me practice emotional intelligence, I like to use a series of “rules,” or frameworks. This makes it easier to get control of my thoughts in emotional moments, and in turn get control of my feelings and emotions.

So, how can you use rules of emotional intelligence to help you stop negative thinking and move forward? Here are two examples. (If you enjoy this article, you might want to sign up for my free course, which uses storytelling and scientific research to help you build emotional intelligence.)

Use the Blue Dolphin Rule to Stop Negative Thinking

In psychology, the “white bear” problem (also known as ironic process theory) says that when you try to suppress certain thoughts, often you’ll actually increase their frequency.

The concept takes its name from a century-old essay by Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, who suggested that if you try not to think of a white polar bear, that’s all that will come into mind.

So, how do you conquer your white bears? You need a blue dolphin...

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