Here’s How to Actually Be Kinder to Yourself

Here’s How to Actually Be Kinder to Yourself

So many of us are so hard on ourselves so often.

And it’s hard to be happy if you’re constantly beating yourself up!

Happiness, real and enduring happiness, depends at least in part on self-kindness and self-compassion.

This isn’t about being selfish or self-centred; it’s about treating yourself with the same love and compassion you might treat another and allowing yourself, therefore, the space to enjoy a good and well life …

via Self by Jenna Ryu

Since childhood, chances are you’ve been expected to be nice to others; to “treat them how you want to be treated,” presumably with kindness and respect. But why do so many people (myself included) struggle to apply this golden rule to themselves?

We talk a lot about self-compassion at SELF—how it can help you move past your mistakes, for example, improve your relationship with food and movement, and accept yourself overall

But being kind to yourself—especially when you feel like a failure—is often easier said than done. Instead, the default for many of us is to be our own worst critic: You always mess up. Everybody else has their life together—except you. You’re not doing enough. Sound familiar? 

That little mean voice in your head is not your friend, and it can hold you back from positive change and inner peace, Adia Gooden, PhD, licensed clinical psychologist and host of the Unconditionally Worthy podcast, tells SELF. “It’s hard when that inner critic is so loud that it tunes out the wiser, more compassionate part of ourselves, which really gets activated when we’re talking to a friend and offering them kindness in a way that comes really easily,” Dr. Gooden says…

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