Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Comes Down to 4 Simple Strategies

Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Comes Down to 4 Simple Strategies

Enjoying happiness is not always easy (at least it’s not for some of us).

But enjoying happiness need not be overly complicated.

Simplifying what it means and what it takes to create happiness may well be one of the more effective happiness strategies!

And these 4 happiness questions would make for a very good start …

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Profound advice from a well-being and medical expert, but also someone with 103 years of life experience.

There’s no shortage of emotionally draining news these days — whether it be an abundance of layoffs or more evidence for rising rates of burnout. But as we enter Mental Health Awareness Month this May, we might all benefit from the advice of someone who is not only an expert in wellness, with eight decades of medical experience in the field, but also someone with 103 years of life experience.

Dr. Gladys McGarey is often called the mother of holistic medicine, and is still going strong and actively consulting as a physician. In her new book, The Well-Lived Life, she shares her secrets to a century of health and happiness.

Here are four of her secrets that can become your personal strategy toward a life well-lived.

1. Choose love over fear

McGarey has been practicing medicine for more than 80 years, and she’s had the privilege of treating her patients and watching them grow and progress in their lives, often from birth through adulthood. And one of the defining characteristics of a well-lived life is approaching life with an open heart. Fear is often a natural response to tricky life situations, but according to McGarey, we must face the world head-on and recognize that there is always something we can do.

When faced with bad news, we often feel helpless, but, as McGarey writes, “If we stay in that fear, we can shut out nearly everything that might help us resolve the situation. Fear destroys our sense of reason, making it impossible to see things clearly.”

If, for example, a person has recently been laid off from their job, their first instinct might be to say, “Well, I didn’t choose this.” And they would certainly be right. However, there is always something we can do in response to a situation, and we can choose to let love dominate our lives, rather than fear. By letting love into our lives and giving love to ourselves and others, we can be the driving force in our well-being.

2. Build your own thriving community

We’re all too familiar by now with the idea that the world is becoming a lonelier place. But community is an essential part of a healthy and happy life. There is even evidence that loneliness can harm our physical health, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke by 29 percent…

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